The Remodel

With this service plan, we are either moving walls or changing the layout of the space. We will create a design layout for your kitchen or bathroom that is not only functional but beautiful.

We will work to find your style or create a style that is classic and timeless. Angie Janak Interiors creates thoughtful spaces with an emphasis on clean lines and thoughtful design. We will provide recommendations on these surfaces:


  • 1. Layout Drawings
  • 2. Flooring
  • 3. Shower Tile
  • 4. Shower Floor Tile
  • 5. Accent Tile
  • 6. Grout Color
  • 7. Wall Color or Wallpaper
  • 8. Cabinet Color
  • 9. Countertop
  • 10. Sink Faucet, Shower, or Tub Faucet
  • 11. Sconce and/or Ceiling Lighting
  • 12. Cabinet Hardware
  • 13. Window Treatments
  • 14. Cabinet Style


  • 1. Layout Drawing
  • 2. Flooring
  • 3. Countertop
  • 4. Backsplash Tile
  • 5. Grout Color
  • 6. Wall Color or Wallpaper
  • 7. Cabinet Color
  • 8. Window Treatments
  • 9. Sink Faucet, Shower, or Tub Faucet
  • 10. Sconce and/or Ceiling Lighting
  • 11. Cabinet Hardware
  • 12. Tub
  • 13. Cabinet Style

We will provide a design plan, detailed drawing for layout, a scope of work plan, and selection spreadsheet with links to specific selections. Once we have finalized the plans, you will be able to hand these directly to the contractors of your choice for bids. If you don’t have a contractor in mind, I would be happy to recommend a few. The price for this package starts at $5,000 for kitchens and $4,000 for bathrooms. We estimate these projects to take 30 hours of planning, design, drawing, sourcing, and presenting.